Wakesurfing on Lake austinWakesurfing is a water sport in which a surfer trails behind a wakeboard boat, surfing the boat's wake without being directly attached to the boat. The wake from the boat mimics the look and feel of an actual ocean wave. After getting up on the wave by use of a tow rope, wakesurfers drop the rope and ride the steep face below the wave's peak in a fashion reminiscent of ocean surfing. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun wakesurfing experience for all ages and skill levels for those looking to learn from the best or simply enjoy a wakesurf session with friends.

Lake Austin Wakesurfing

Time Price
2 hours $298.00
3 hours $447.00
4 hours $596.00
Max number of participants per outing 7


  • Lake Austin - Quinlan Park

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